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We strive for excellence through leading-edge research and analysis, through collaboration with our employees and with outside organizations, and through innovation in all aspects of our work.  We communicate our objectives openly and effectively and stand accountable for our words and actions.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards.  We respect one another and succeed by recognizing the value of diversity of people and ideas, and our lives outside of work.

Complying to the highest standards.

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GDPR Compliance

The European Parliament adopted the GDPR in April 2016, replacing an outdated data protection directive from 1995. It carries provisions that require businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. The GDPR also regulates the exportation of personal data outside the EU.

At Scotty Media, our legal team is very well trained on making your business compliant with the GDPR.  We ensure that the solutions we put in place adhear to the EU's strict data processing and storage laws.