Georgian Bay Sea Doo Expedition 2018

All the Way Around

Sept 21st 2018

Trip Info

21 September 2018 @ 3PM to 3 October 2018 @ 5PM

180kmKillarneyParry Sound
100kmParry SoundPenetanguishene
160kmPenetanguisheneOwen Sound
160kmOwen SoundTobermory

Check out live tracking below:


Killarney to Parry Sound

Estimated Kilometers: 180
Estimated Departure: Friday 21 September @ 4pm
Estimated Arrival: Sunday 23 September @ 4pm
Estimated Hours: TBD
Specific Details or Proposed Stops (if needed):
  • Shelter: Fox Islands
  • Camp: West Fox Island
  • Shelter: Chickens
  • Explore, TBD
  • Fuel: Bustards (on-board fuel supply)
  • Food: Bustards (packed)
  • Drone: Bustards
  • 26km Open water Bustards to Britt at 119deg off D81
  • Explore: Bustards to Britt...TBD
  • Fuel: Wright's Marina Limited in Britt (full fuel up)
  • Food: Britt (packed/purchase)
  • Camp: Doctor Oil, Britt
  • Fuel: Beacon Marina in Pointe au Baril (full fuel up)
  • Fuel: Dillon Cove Marina (full fuel up)
  • Fuel: Killbear Marina (full fuel up)
  • Food: Killbear Marina
  • Camp: Killbear Provincial Park

Evacuation Points:

  • Key Harbour
  • Britt
  • Bayfield
  • Pointe Au Baril
  • Dillons Cove
  • Pengallie Bay (just outside Parry Sound)
  • Parry Sound Harbour

Parry Sound to Penetanguishene

Estimated Kilometers: 100
Estimated Departure: Monday 24 September @ 7am
Estimated Arrival: Wednesday 26 September @ 4pm
Estimated Hours: TBD
Proposed Stops:
  • Fuel: Wasauksing Marina (on-board fuel supply)
  • Food: Wasauksing Marina (purchase)
  • If Bad Weather:
    • At Waubuno Channel take G CP33
    • Come out by Mccurry Rocks G CP175
  • If Bad weather:
    • Take G C109 South to Muskoka Landing Channel
    • Fuel: Gerry’s Marina, Honey Harbour
    • Food: Flynns Pub And Restaurant, Honey Harbour
  • Fuel: Northwest Basin Marina
    Food: Northwest Basin Marina
    Camp: Whisky Island

Evacuation Points:

  • King Bay, Moose Point
  • Penetang Harbour

Penetanguishene to Owen Sound

Estimated Kilometers: 160
Estimated Departure: Thursday 27 September @ 7am
Estimated Arrival: Saturday 29 September @ 4pm
Estimated Hours: TBD
Specific Details or Proposed Stops (if needed):

  • Shelter: Giants Tomb Island
  • Shelter: Thunder Bay Beach
  • Shelter: Cedar Point
  • Shelter: Christian Island
  • Fuel: AC Marina
  • Food AC Marina
  • Fuel: Sturgeoon Point Marina
  • Food Sturgeoon Point Marina
  • Fuel: Southwinds Marine
  • Food: Collingwood Harbour
  • Fuel: Thornbury Harbour
  • Food: Thornbury Harbour
  • Fuel: Meaford Harbour
  • Food: Meaford Harbour
  • T7 to Cape Commodore @ 301deg

Evacuation Points:

  • Wasaga Beach
  • Collingwood
  • Thornbury
  • Meaford
  • Owen Sound

Owen Sound to Tobermory

Estimated Kilometers: 160
Estimated Departure: Sunday 30 September @ 7am
Estimated Arrival: Tuesday 2 October @ 4pm
Estimated Hours: TBD
Specific Details or Proposed Stops (if needed):

  • Shelter: Cape Commodore
  • Fuel: Wiarton Marina Ltd
  • Food: Wiarton
  • Shelter: Kidd Bay, White Cloud Island
  • Shelter: Humber Bay Promenade Park
  • Shelter: Cove of Cork
  • Shelter: Cape Croker
  • Camp: Barrier Island
  • Shelter: Jackson’s Cove
  • Shelter: Little Lake, Barrow Bay
  • Fuel: Lion's Head Beach Marina
  • Food: Lion's Head
  • Camp: Lion’s Head
  • Shelter: Dyer’s Bay
  • Shelter: Cabot Head
  • Drone: B/w Cabot Head and Tobermory
  • Explore: The Grotto
  • Shelter: Little Cove
  • Shelter: Dunks Bay
  • Fuel: Little Tub Harbour
  • Food: Tobermory Brewing Company & Grill
  • Camp: Flowerpot Island

Evacuation Points:

  • Wiarton
  • Cape Croker
  • Lions Head
  • Cabot Head
  • Tobermory

Tobermory to Killarney

Estimated Kilometers: 110
Estimated Departure: Wednesday 3 October @ 7am
Estimated Arrival: Wednesday 3 October @ 4pm
Estimated Hours: 10
Specific Details or Proposed Stops (if needed):
  • Shelter: Doctor Island
  • Shelter: Russel Island
  • Shelter: Tecumseh Cove, Cove Island
  • Shelter: Eagle Cove, Cove Island
  • Fuel: Gag Pt, Cove Island (on-board fuel supply)
  • Food: Gag Pt, Cove Island (packed)
  • Shelter: Rattlesnake Pt, Fitzwilliam Is
  • Fuel: Rattlesnake Pt, Fitzwilliam Is (on-board fuel supply)
  • Fuel: James Bay (full fuel up - gas drop)

Evacuation Points:

  • Tamarack Cove, Manitoulin Island
  • James Bay, Manitoulin Island
  • Wikwemikong, Manitoulin Island
  • Rabbit Island Road, Meshkodeyang Point, Manitoulin Island


Craft Details

Type: 2018 Sea Doo Spark Trix 3-Up
Power: 90HP/900CC
Fuel Consuption: 0.38L per KM (Guess with weight)
Sea Doo Tank: 30L
On-Board Fuel: 2 x 20L tanks
Total On-Board Mileage: 184KM